Managed by Dukhharan Memorial Charitable Trust

About us

We are a center of excellence in children’s healthcare. The idea  of  setting up  a  good hospital  for  children was  born  over  four  decades  ago when our medical director was still studying in kinder gardens at Daltonganj. His Nanaji (Maternal grandfather) was the head clerk in district hospital Palamu at Daltonganj. Currently this hospital is run by a non-profit charitable organization; “Dukhharan Memorial Charitable Trust”. This trust has been formed in the memory of our medical director’s Nanaji (Late Sri Dukhharan Prasad Sinha).  Our team started a children’s hospital in rented premises in year 2004 (Rani Children Hospital, Karamtoli, Ranchi). This modern Children’s Hospital (Rani Hospital) was started in year 2010. Till year 2015 theses two hospitals were run by a private limited company. The assets related to the hospitals were donated to the trust in year 2015. Since then these hospital are run by the trust.

We are an ethical, transparent group and follow purely ‘evidence based medicine’.  Our hospital has latest facilities for care of sick children. There are many facilities in our hospital, which are available only in our hospital in whole of eastern India. Still our charged are almost equivalent to the charges prescribed by the government (CGHS rates for Ranchi). We caters for all the strata our society; low income families to the middle and upper income families. Currently we are mainly involved in the care of sick children. Soon we will be starting the services for the women also. For us the care of children will be the first priority.

Our Mission

We at Rani Hospital have dedicated ourselves to the providing the highest quality of care to the children and women whom we serve.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the center of excellence in woman and child health care in India and to provide highest standard of care at very affordable cost.

Our Departments

Pediatric Intensive Care

The field of Children’s / Pediatric Intensive Care / Pediatric Critical Care is a relatively new speciality of  pediatrics. The speciality deals with serious, and critical illness in children which have assumed life threatening proportions. In  no  other  branch  of medicine  is  prompt  rapid  care  so  rewarding  as  in  Pediatric


Our medical director (Dr Rajesh Kumar) has  pioneered  and  spearheaded    the  arrival  and  establishment  of  advanced  Newborn  Intensive  Care  in  Jharkhand and whole of eastern India since 2004. Armed  with  qualifications  from  the  BEST  universities  in  India,  he  has

Pediatric Surgery

Any surgical  operation  in  a  newborn  baby  or  child  is  not  a  simple  one. Meticulous  planning, selection  of  the  patient,  and  execution  is  necessary for  success. We have  an  excellent  team  of  senior, highly  qualified  and  experience